About SAI leaders in time of flight mass spectrometry

Excellence in Mass Spectrometry

About SAI leaders in time of flight mass spectrometry

About SAI, our history, our culture and our values..

Based in Manchester UK, a centre renowned since the 1940’s for its excellence in mass spectrometry,  SAI (Scientific Analysis Instruments) was formed as a limited company in January 1995.



SAI offers class leading technologies in the field of mass spectrometry meeting not only the complex scientific challenges of today but also those “coming down the track” in the foreseeable future.  Our portfolio of high performance instruments has proved successful in wide ranging  research and industrial markets from lifesciences and biotechnology through to nanomaterials for the electronics and computing industries.

Whilst our products offer outstanding performance and an excellent return on investment in a wide variety of applications, we realise that the needs of our customers and partners are often so specialised that we need to go further. Bespoke solutions are always given due consideration for their commercial development,  so if you think you have a good idea, please get in touch !


With active involvement in projects as diverse as disease diagnostics and data storage technology, we believe, with the help of our partners and customers, we can improve people's daily lives by delivering innovative change that ultimately creates greater wellbeing for everybody.  


We have an organization of highly talented people who enjoy contributing their individual expertise as part of an efficient corporate team. Our culture is based on intellectual curiosity combined with a keen sense of urgency that enables the speedy transformation of a product from concept to reality. Our combined qualities of innovative flair , drive to deliver and superb customer support has helped our reputation grow as a partner of choice for the scientific community.


+ We listen to our customers and value them as catalysts for developing creative solutions

+ We believe in continuous improvement and always strive for better quality

+ People are our most valued resource and we aim to recruit, develop and retain the best talent available

+ We aim to exceed our customers' expectations by delivering innovative, reliable and robust technologies