GCxGC - Comprehensive Gas Chromatography analysers

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GCxGC - Comprehensive Gas Chromatography analysers

Comprehensive GC (GCxGC)

GCxGC is a rapidly growing technique for the analysis of complex samples. Because GCxGC is both a qualitative and quantitative technique, most GC applications can be accomplished using GCxGC. Some of the main areas of GCxGC applications are:

The kit to equip a conventional GC for GCxGC comprises :

Loop modulator that can be fitted to mostGC's in which the 2 stage thermal modulation is achieved by using a continuous cold flow jet and a regularly pulsed hot jet to deflect the cold jet and remobilize trapped eluent.

1st and 2nd dimension columns.

The real time display of  a 2D chromatogram as it is being acquired.

Optional GC image program that features automatic peak detection and quantification capability.

GC Image is a software system for visualising,  processing,  analysing  and reporting on images produced in two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC).

GCxGC ToF MS system

SAI now offer a comprehensive GC ToF  ( GCxGC-ToF ) system based on the Kronus ToF analyser using the above items.  

Contact us for further information on GCxGC conversions or complete GCxGC-ToF systems.