GC-TOF - Gas Chromatography Time of Flight Analysis - GCMS

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GC-TOF - Gas Chromatography Time of Flight Analysis - GCMS


The classical quadrupole MSD used with  GCs is often used solely as a confirmation tool  requiring good chromatographic separation to avoid misinterpretation  of the spectra generated. This is largely due to the fact that quadrupoles are effectively mass filters which have to be scanned at relatively slow speeds in order to obtain complete mass spectral information.

SAI however can offer continuous beam time of flight mass spectrometers capable of collecting hundreds of spectra per second. The advantage of this type of MSD when used with GC comes into its own when dealing with narrow GC peaks or coeluting species and offers the chromatographer  unparalleled discriminative analysis of all the components in a TIC. The uniform transmission of the Time of Flight analyser further aids analysis by providing spectral continuity due to accurate ion ratios.

The SAI KRONUS range of ToF mass analysers includes a standalone unit (Kronus SA) for fitting to any standard GC or alternatively the Kronus GC-ToF, a completely integrated GC-TOF system.

Comprehensive GC (GCxGC)

For complex applications requiring the ultimate in analysis of systems containing literally thousands of components, SAI can offer a powerful GCxGC ToF solution. Here the GC separation takes place in two columns separated by a modulator system. After 2 stage separations eluting species can be ionized and analyzed by mass in the usual way. The resulting  2D chromatogram of peaks with  full mass spectral information provides the user with a new dimension of analytical capability over standard GC-ToF.