SIMS Surface analysis

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SIMS Surface analysis


SIMS is the most sensitive of all commonly used surface analytical techniques and has several further advantages over them :

The SIMS instruments from SAI include the MiniSIMS, a completely integrated surface analysis system in an award winning desktop format designed to avoid the complexity and high cost per sample of traditional  UHV SIMS.

The high throughput  MiniSIMS requires only a standard wall socket power connection and can be used as a standalone tool for fast routine analysis in all  three SIMS modes or in conjunction with single mode UHV SIMS for complementary analysis capability (eg to provide static SIMS in conjunction with low mass range depth profiling SIMS).

The hyperspectral imaging capability of the MiniSIMS-ToF combined with efficient depth profiling allow complete 3D spatial pixel arrays with full or partial mass spectra at every pixel to be acquired.

In this way a very comprehensive picture of the surface and sub surface chemistry of solid samples can be acquired with minimal setup and analysed retrospectively.

The MiniSIMS is available as the entry level Alpha system based on a quadrupole mass spectrometer for QC and routine process monitoring tasks,  or as the more powerful  MiniSIMS-ToF instrument intended for more advanced R&D or failure analysis roles.


SAI have also supplied advanced Time of Flight analyser technology for large UHV SIMS systems such as the  J105 Imager, a  high performance biological  SIMS for 3D intra cellular imaging applications.  Look under Special Projects for further information.